Evidence for Learning – Early Childhood Education

The Bryan Foundation is collaborating with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) to launch a ground-breaking evidence-based toolkit, to ensure Early Childhood Education (ECE) is being spent on programs that actually work and improve ECE practices for children from birth to age eight.

The Foundation’s funding supports:

  • An Early Childhood Education Toolkit that will be a free online summary of the best evidence on early years education, in ready-to-use forms for the early years learning sector;
  • High quality early childhood education research trials on promising initiatives in an innovative model, that publicly reports findings in plain English that can change practice and speed up improvements; and
  • An Evidence Advocate to engage with Queensland’s early years learning sector. This Advocate is responsible for scouting promising initiatives, tailoring the Early Childhood Education Toolkit for different audiences and working with providers and others to mobilise the evidence and knowledge of the program.

The program will generate evidence to ensure early childhood expenditure is directed towards programs that actually work and the Foundation is extremely proud to partner with SVA, whose fundamental charter is to reduce the impact of social disadvantage on student achievement by supporting teachers and school leaders to adopt and embrace evidence based research, that will achieve better outcomes within the vital early childhood learning sector.

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